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FLETCH: Frustrating Teens?

Have your teenagers ever caused you to have conniption? conniption (kəˈnɪpʃən) — n slang ( US )( often plural ) a fit of rage or tantrums   Well, I have to confess that I have had my fair share, so I feel your pain.  We love our kids to death but sometimes they can frustrate […]

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GUEST Amy Jacks: Taking Jesus on Family Vacation

“You could win a free vacation!” Oh, how we love to dream about that, but usually our vacations are not free. We all need some time to get away—to escape. On our vacations (or escapes) what is really important to remember?  At the April meeting of MOMS (Mentors Offering Moms Support), Amy Jacks led a […]

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FLETCH: So Simple yet SO HARD

There is one discipline that you absolutely, positively, without a doubt, no excuses have to master as a follower of Christ.  That one discipline is daily Bible reading and prayer.  It is so simple yet so incredibly hard to master.  Here is how it goes: Open your Bible Read Apply Three EASY steps.  Seriously, it […]

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FLETCH: Fletch’s Notes from Andrew’s Sermon

My notes from Sunday’s sermon… On Sunday, Andrew preached on the Church – Missional Community.  I try and take notes each week and this week by the end of his sermon some thoughts he was communicating became crystal clear to me.  He did a wonderful job at conveying the Biblical mandate to be missional and […]

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