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FLETCH: A Teachable Spirit

“I don’t understand why I have to learn this stuff!”  If you haven’t heard your kids say this yet, just wait, school only started yesterday.  I was one of those kids.  I just didn’t care much for school.  I was too busy playing baseball, tennis and blowing up green army men with firecrackers.  School was […]

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FLETCH: Small Talk

Most of the time our conversations with one another are shallow, surfacy and do not get to the real issues of our lives. We like staying on top of the water, discussing the weather, the latest sports debacle, or neighborhood gossip. We want to interact with each other but we don’t want to meddle or […]

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FLETCH: Spiritual Growth Resource

I always recommend that you carve out some deliberate, quiet, extended time to be with Christ in His Word each day but this resource may encourage you throughout your busy day. It is a daily email devotional sent by Ken Boa.  As an author, Ken is one of my favorite spiritual mentors.  All you have […]

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FLETCH: Fighting for Joy, After a Heart Attack

Monday, June 14, 2010 was a life changer. I was supposed to go fishing with my son, Taylor. Instead, I woke up with some chest pain and my left arm felt kind of “funny”. I shrugged it off as heartburn and tried to go on with my day. But after fixing breakfast and a cup […]

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FLETCH: How to Get the Most out of Your Community Group

Community groups are the heart and soul of Spring Run.  I want to encourage  you to be a part of continuing to make them successful.  Here are four ways you can get the most out of your Community Group. Reach In Find ways to help your CG Leader.  Do they need help organizing meetings, food, […]

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FLETCH: Bible Heroes Can’t Save You

We love our Bible heroes don’t we?  David the “giant slayer”, Moses the great deliverer, Nehemiah the courageous leader, Paul the outrageously bold church planter, the list could go on.  While these men did live exemplary lives we have to be extremely careful not to get caught in the Bible hero worship trap.  the goal […]

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FLETCH: The Single Most Important Discipline

The Single most important discipline in your life is prayer and Bible study.  Wait, I thought you said the single most important.  I did, they both go together like peanut butter and jelly.  You need to be prayerfully reading the Bible everyday of your life.  Nothing will impact your life more than this one discipline.  […]

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