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The BEST Way to Get More People into Your Community Group or Bible Study

Personally invite them. Nothing, and I mean nothing means more to someone than a personal invitation.  Here are four ways you can do this in order of priority: 1. Pray Even if you just met them moments ago at church and you would love for them to come over that night to your group.  Pray […]

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06: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

Mark 3: 13-35 Jesus’ Person is revealed in the following ways: Jesus has a family.  He at least has mother and a brother that we know of, Mary and James.  He may have more siblings. Jesus’ family thinks he is “out of his mind.”  They think he is crazy and they are trying to intervene.  […]

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05: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

Jesus’ Person is revealed in the following ways: 1.  Jesus creates conflict by healing the man with the shriveled hand in the synagogue on the Sabbath right in front of his detractors. 2. Jesus is the Son of God.  And even the unclean spirits recognize Jesus as the Son of God.  You would think that this […]

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04: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

The person of Jesus is revealed in the following ways: 1.  Jesus is the Bridegroom.  Jesus uses this illustration of himself here and in other passages.  One of the characteristics of Jesus  being the bridegroom is that he brings great joy and feasting to the party.  Jesus came to spiritually feed people.The disciples of Jesus […]

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03: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

03: Mark 2:1-17 Jesus’ Person is revealed in the following ways:  Jesus is a “real guy.”  Jesus had a home and friends that he hung out with.  We often don’t think of Jesus, the Son of God this way, but he was.  Jesus was a real, live, flesh and blood guy.  He didn’t float above […]

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02: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

02: Mark 1:21-45 Jesus’ Person is revealed in the following ways: 1. Teacher.  Jesus teaches in the synagogue with authentic, reverent and authoritative teaching.  This is in contrast to the scribes who apparently taught or only read what other scribes had said, or just repeated the traditions that had been written down.  The scribes lacked […]

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01: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

Jesus: His Person, Character and Mission The goal of this study is simply to get to know Jesus better through the gospel of Mark.  I have chosen three key areas of Jesus’ life in order to draw out a better understanding of who He is in His identity as a person, what He is like […]

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ANDREW: Faith & Life Class Follow-up from November 12

The Faith & Life Class on Sunday, November 11th was a presentation on bio-ethics which deals with ethical implications of biological research and applications especially in medicine. Dr. David Gater (PhD; MD) made the presentation. The people in the class wanted the material and wanted more time to discuss it. It was a great discussion. […]

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FLETCH: Family Feud

Family Feud No, this blog is not about how to deal with the feuding that takes place when one spouse went to UVA and the other went to VT.  But rather, as the holidays approach you will likely be getting together with extended family.  This may bring back either heartfelt memories or terrifying thoughts.  Sometimes […]

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The New City Catechism

New City Catechism A “new” catechism?  What’s wrong with the Westminster Catechism?  Actually, there is nothing wrong with our beloved Westminster Catechism, however, it was written over 350 years ago.  The latest reformed catechism entitled, “New City Catechism” was written in part by Tim Keller and others who are part of the Gospel Coalition and […]

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