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01: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

Jesus: His Person, Character and Mission

The goal of this study is simply to get to know Jesus better through the gospel of Mark.  I have chosen three key areas of Jesus’ life in order to draw out a better understanding of who He is in His identity as a person, what He is like in His character  and what His mission was.  By all means, this is not an exhaustive study of Jesus in the Bible, that of course, will take an eternity to accomplish, which I am looking forward to.

I am doing this study with my Friday morning Men’s Bible study that meets at Panera Bread.  I am excited to study with them and to find out what we can dig up together about Jesus as we go through the gospel of Mark.

01: Mark 1:1-20

Jesus’ Identity is seen in at least four ways in these first  few verses.

  1. Jesus is the CHRIST.  This tells us He is the long awaited for Messiah who was to come and save His people from their sins.  This name “Jesus Christ” also reveals that Jesus was a man and also He was God.
  2. Jesus is King.  While the passage it does not use this term the quoted Isaiah passage points to Jesus’ Kingship.  If you go back and read through Isaiah 40:1-5 you will see Isaiah prophesying about a King who comforts His people, conquers their enemies and forgives their sins.  The picture painted is one of a King who enters on a straight, desert highway.  A King deserves to ride on a flat, peaceful and wide road as He comes in His glory. I do not think it is a coincidence that Jesus is portrayed as a King in such a way as He begins His public ministry.  If you remember, at the end of Jesus’ ministry He rides into Jerusalem, being heralded and worshiped as a King.
  3. Jesus is the Son of God.  Mark makes this clear in verse one but God makes it even clearer when He raises His voice from heaven and proclaims, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.
  4. Jesus is a Leader.  He calls the disciples to come and follow Him.  Jesus will lead these men on a global mission that will take His gospel to the ends of the earth.

Jesus’ Character is revealed in several ways as well.

  1. Jesus is worthy of our worship.  He is God in the flesh and God alone is worthy of our worship.
  2. Jesus shows great humility as He is God yet He is a man.  He allows John to baptize Him even though He really did not need it, He submits to it as a model for us.
  3. Jesus is obedient.  Jesus shows up as God the Father has led Him to His baptism, into the wilderness, and then into His public ministry of revealing the Kingdom of God and to make disciples.
  4. Jesus is not afraid to live out His calling.  He knows the difficulties He was going to face beginning in the wilderness and being tempted by satan.  Jesus knows that His life will end in a torturous death, yet He proceeds without fear, and with great confidence in His calling.

Jesus’ Mission is revealed in the following ways:

  1. To be the Messiah, the anointed One who will save His people from their sins.
  2. Jesus proclaims the gospel.  His message is repent and believe in Him.
  3. Jesus will baptize His people with the Holy Spirit.
  4. Jesus will make disciples out of knuckleheads.

What about you? What do you see in this passage about the person, character and mission of Jesus?

How are these truths transforming you life?

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