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02: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

02: Mark 1:21-45

Jesus’ Person is revealed in the following ways:

1. Teacher.  Jesus teaches in the synagogue with authentic, reverent and authoritative teaching.  This is in contrast to the scribes who apparently taught or only read what other scribes had said, or just repeated the traditions that had been written down.  The scribes lacked teaching from the heart, they lacked giving meaning and application to the passage.  Jesus however, taught with real life stories, illustrations and straight to the heart of the passage and the people who were listening.  Make no mistake that being in the presence of God in the flesh definitely gave off a strong aura of authority.

“Jesus’ listeners sensed somehow that He was explaining the story of their lives as the Author, and it left them dumbfounded.” (Tim Keller, Kings Cross, p. 21)

2. Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy One of God.  The demon calls Jesus both of these names in the same sentence (1:25).  Even the demon knows that Jesus is both God and man, fully human and fully divine.

Jesus’ Character is revealed in the following ways:

1. Authoritative.  As we mentioned above that Jesus was characterized as a teacher who taught with authority.  But we also see that in healing the demon possessed man and the leper that Jesus has authority over the spiritual and physical realms as well. Actually, Jesus has supreme authority over all of creation, absolutely everything (see Colossians 1).

2. Compassionate.  Jesus shows pity and compassion to those who need healing.  Jesus actually reaches out and touches the leper.  Jesus is not afraid of sickness, disease or demons.


Jesus’ Mission flows out of the above themes:

1. Jesus was sent to teach.  Jesus teaches the Scriptures to reveal their truth and meaning, to reveal their message of redemption, and to reveal that they are all about Christ (see Luke 22).

2. Jesus was sent to heal.  Jesus heals people in so many different ways.  In this passage we see Him healing the physical ailments of people as well as the demon possessed, but we also know that this went deeper than the skin where He healed the hearts of people by cleansing them from their sin.

One issue to take note of in these verses is Jesus insistence to have those who were healed to not speak of it to anyone.  Is Jesus trying to keep Himself a secret?  Why would He tell people NOT to go and talk about Him, didn’t He want everyone to know?  The answer is yes, He did want everyone to know but in His own timing.  We get a good idea of why Jesus made these statements in verse 45 where the leper begins to speak freely and spread the news of what Jesus had done for him.  Then it says, “Jesus could no longer openly enter a town, but was out in desolate places.”  Jesus was not trying to create a circus and be a dramatic side show.  Jesus wanted to reveal Himself and His message in His own way.  His quick popularity ironically drives him from populated places.

What about you?  Are you a student of The Teacher?  Are you taking in His Word and applying it to your life for His glory?

Do you sense your need for the healing power of Jesus?  Do you understand that even though you may not have a physical sickness that you are sick with sin and need a Savior?

All for Jesus,


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