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03: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

03: Mark 2:1-17

Jesus’ Person is revealed in the following ways:

  1.  Jesus is a “real guy.”  Jesus had a home and friends that he hung out with.  We often don’t think of Jesus, the Son of God this way, but he was.  Jesus was a real, live, flesh and blood guy.  He didn’t float above the ground as he went about.  He walked, he got dirt stuck between his toes, he ate and drank real food and drink (and dare I say that Jesus drank wine).
  2. Jesus was wildly popular.  Although Jesus was not going around attempting to put on a show, his fame spread quickly and crowds began to gather and follow him wherever he went.
  3. Jesus is God.  He proves that he has the authority to forgive sins by healing the paralytic.  Jesus proves his omniscience by being able to know people’s thoughts.

Jesus’ Character is revealed in the following ways:

  1. Jesus is a non-conformist.  Jesus could have given in to the peer pressure of the Pharisees and Scribes yet he doesn’t.  Jesus takes their criticism and answers it with his actions of love and compassion.  Jesus does not back down to his detractors.
  2. Jesus is not afraid to tarnish his reputation.  Jesus loves to hang out with “sinners”, regular people, not just religious people.  These were people who were not respected by the community, especially the religious community.
  3. Jesus endears himself to people.  He calls the paralytic “son”.  Jesus takes a very special interest in people.


Jesus’ Mission is revealed in the following ways:

  1. Jesus preached the Word to them.  Take note that when we see this we need to understand that Jesus was preaching from the Old Testament as well as beginning to proclaim inspired words as he spoke.  The Old Testament is important for us to study and understand for it is a major part of the story of redemption.  We cannot just study the New Testament.  Remember these words of Augustine,

“The New Testament is in the Old concealed;

The Old Testament is in the New revealed.”

        2.  Jesus came to discern people’s hearts and motives.

        3.  Jesus came to call sinners to himself.

Some take aways from this passage included:

  • Am I afraid to associate with certain people for fear of what others will think?  Jesus wasn’t.
  • Jesus did and said things that upset the religious people of his day.  But because he knew he was proclaiming truth he didn’t care.
  • Jesus “saw” the faith of the four friends.  Does Jesus “see” my faith?
  • Jesus courageously fulfilled his calling in life.  Am I courageously fulfilling mine?
  • Jesus’ mission over rides his comfort of being at home.
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