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04: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

The person of Jesus is revealed in the following ways:

1.  Jesus is the Bridegroom.  Jesus uses this illustration of himself here and in other passages.  One of the characteristics of Jesus  being the bridegroom is that he brings great joy and feasting to the party.  Jesus came to spiritually feed people.The disciples of Jesus do not need to fast while they are with him, they are to feast upon him. 
2.  Son of Man.  Here is the note on this title of Jesus from the ESV Study Bible:

Son of Man is Jesus’ favorite self-designation, indicating the true meaning of his identity and ministry: (1) the humble servant who has come to forgive common sinners (cf. Matt. 9:6); (2) the suffering servant whose atoning death and resurrection will redeem his people (16:13, 27–28); and (3) the glorious King and Judge who will return to establish God’s kingdom on earth (25:31; 26:64).

3.  Lord of the Sabbath.  Jesus is Lord over everything in the universe and this includes the Sabbath day of rest.  If Jesus wants to heal on the Sabbath then that is his prerogative.  But he does it to make a point, that it is ok to do good and to save life on the Sabbath.  The law of rest does not nullify the law of love.

Jesus’ Character is revealed in the following ways:

  1. Jesus is logical and smart when he answers his critics.  I love to watch and listen to Jesus dumbfound his critics.
  2. Jesus is not afraid to answer tough questions, especially when he knows that the questions being asked are meant to try and trick him.  Did the religious leaders really think they could trick Jesus, God in the flesh?
  3. Jesus loves to use illustrations to make his points and answer questions.
  4. Jesus is a renegade.  At least to the religious leaders.  Not fasting and then plucking heads of grain on the Sabbath,  “Wow, Jesus you are really a rebel!”
  5. Jesus meets the needs of people.  The need of the disciples was two-fold from this passage.  First, they needed spiritual food, and Jesus was that spiritual food.  Secondly, they needed physical food and Jesus allowed them to eat the heads of grain on the Sabbath.  The need of the religious leaders was to understand the truth and to learn how to interpret the Old Testament and the Law correctly.  We learn so much as we watch and listen to Jesus interpret and explain the Old Testament.

 Jesus’ Mission is revealed in the following ways:

1.  Jesus came to teach.  This will continue to be an ongoing theme in Jesus’ ministry.  He teaches through direct interpretation of God’s Word, He teaches through illustration, He teaches through discussion and answering questions, and He teaches through modeling the gospel in his life.
2.  Jesus came to spiritually feed people.  Discussed above.

 Some take-aways from this passage:

  • I was forced to think about this illustration Jesus uses because I do not normally patch garments or put wine into wineskins
  • The Pharisees must have been following Jesus around.
  • The original Reformation – Jesus
  • Our actions do not justify us before God.
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