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05: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

Jesus’ Person is revealed in the following ways:

1.  Jesus creates conflict by healing the man with the shriveled hand in the synagogue on the Sabbath right in front of his detractors.
2. Jesus is the Son of God.  And even the unclean spirits recognize Jesus as the Son of God.  You would think that this would help anyone who was skeptical of Jesus’ identity to understand that He really is the Son of God.  Here is the note on this title of Jesus from the ESV Study Bible:

Son of God, “the Christ” (the Messiah; v. 67), and “Son of Man” all refer to Jesus, emphasizing different aspects of his person and role. “Son of God” points to Jesus’ unique relationship to God and (when rightly understood) his equality with God the Father in his very being. The term “Christ” indicates that Jesus claimed to be the Son of David, the Messiah. “Son of Man” points to the person identified in Dan. 7:13–14, who will rule the kingdom of God.

Jesus’ Character is revealed in the following ways:

1.  Jesus had righteous anger toward hardness of heart and lack of compassion.

Here are some definitions from the original language:

Anger: vigorous upsurge of one’s nature against someone

Grieved: grief and hurt at the same time, to feel sorrow and grief together

Hardness: obstinancy,unwillingness to learn


1.  Jesus knows how to deal with large crowds.
2.  Jesus was willing to heal the sick and possessed.  He wanted people to be well and not sick.

 Jesus’ Mission is revealed in the following ways:

1.  Jesus came to teach.  In this passage he is in the synagogue.
2.  Jesus came to heal
3.  Jesus came to teach the meaning of the law
4.  Jesus came to train his disciples
5.  Jesus came to cast out unclean spirits
6.  Jesus came to heal

* I realize that many of these points are redundant but that is a main part of this study in Mark.  We want to see recurring themes and make note of them.  So far, we have seen Jesus do a great deal of teaching and healing.  They seem to be the thrust of his ministry and mission so far.

 Some Take-Aways from this passage:

  • Jesus was popular in all parts of Israel
  • Jesus wants and desires to make people well including friends of mine who are sick and oppressed.
  • Jesus was angry at hardness of heart and obstinancy to learn truth, to know God relationally, not just through the law.
  • Jesus taught his disciples in the classroom (synagogue) and along the way (boat).
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