Spring Run Presbyterian Church

06: The Gospel of Mark Study on Jesus

Mark 3: 13-35

Jesus’ Person is revealed in the following ways:

  1. Jesus has a family.  He at least has mother and a brother that we know of, Mary and James.  He may have more siblings.
  2. Jesus’ family thinks he is “out of his mind.”  They think he is crazy and they are trying to intervene.  The religious leaders are calling him “possessed by Satan”, while other people really do believe he is the Son of God.  His family seems to be unsure of what is exactly going on with him and they are concerned.
  3. Jesus likes to speak in parables.  Jesus uses the parable in this passage to logically explain that if he was possessed by Satan then he would not be able to cast out Satan. The parable in this passage is used to help the people understand his point better.

Jesus’ Character is revealed in the following ways:

  1. Jesus is patient with people.  He is patient with his family who is confused about his true identity.  He is patient again with the religious leaders who are trying to discredit him in any way they can.
  2. Jesus’ humanity.  We see the part of Jesus that is earthly; he has a family, he needs to eat food, he has a home.

Jesus’ Mission is revealed in the following ways:

  1. Jesus called 12 men to be his apostles.  These men were 1)to be with him, 2)to preach, 3) to cast out demons.  They were to replicate the ministry model that Jesus was following so far.
  2. Jesus came to speak the truth about salvation.  Mark 3: 28-30 is a seemingly difficult passage to understand with the phrase “whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin.”  I think Jesus is simply pointing out that the only way to heaven is through faith in Him.  If we die without faith in Jesus then we will live forever in hell.  If I have a friend who today says he does not believe in Jesus and curses God then this does not mean he has no chance of salvation tomorrow.  However, if my friend dies today then he is held accountable for his lack of faith in Christ.
  3. Jesus came to redefine the family.  Jesus redefines the spiritual family so strongly that now if we have faith in him we have become his brothers and sisters, which is just as strong as the blood bond we have with our physical families.  I think we can even say that there is even a more special bond between believing friends than unbelieving physical brothers.



  • I need to model my ministry after the ministry of Jesus.  While I am not into “casting out demons” as we see in the New Testament, I do feel strongly that the healing power of the gospel is something I carry with me and can extend to others.  I do not do this on my own power but through the power of Christ who heals peoples hearts and even physical ailments when he chooses to do so.
  • I need to treat other believers as brothers and sisters, with the same respect, special care and love.
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