Spring Run Presbyterian Church

10 Benefits of Practicing Spiritual Disciplines

This blog is taken from Ken Boa’s book, That I May Know God

1. They encourage the imitation of Christ and allow us to act in ways that are centered in God’s will.
2. They personally connect us with an ongoing tradition of time-tested ways of incarnating the spiritual life.
3. They give us a rule of conduct that directs us in the path of growing skill in living before God.
4. They equip us with resources to fight on the battlefronts of the world, the flesh, and the demonic.
5. They confer perspective and power, and they encourage us to embrace God’s purpose for our lives.
6. They bestow a controlled freedom to respond to changing circumstances in a more biblical manner; they allow our lives to be dominated more by the things above than the things below.

7. They remind us daily that the spiritual life is a balance between radical dependence and responsible action; both grace and self-discipline are required for spiritual maturity.

8. They are vehicles for internal transformation, Given enough time, an average person who consistently practices spiritual disciplines will achieve spiritual productivity and proficiency.
9. They replace habits of sin by cultivating habits that lead to character (e.g., integrity; faithfulness, and compassion).
10. They increase our willingness to acknowledge the daily cost of discipleship and remind us that whatever comes quickly and cheaply is superficial, while the insights that we learn from pain will endure.

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