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3 Ways to Grow as a Leader that are right in front of you

Learning to grow as a leader is a life-long process.  Yes, there are thousands of books, videos, blogs and training on the topic of leadership.  But sometimes the best training you can get is right in front of you.

Did anyone in your life ever tell you to, “Pay attention?”  For me, if my mom wasn’t telling me to pay attention then all my teachers were.  Looking back I now understand that they weren’t trying to nag the daylights out of me, they just wanted me to get the most out of what I was doing at the time.  Paying attention to what we are already doing can save us from spending more time later trying to learn the things we should have learned in the first place if we were paying attention.  Are you following me yet? Pay attention! Just kidding.  Anyway, here are a few ways you can grow and learn as a leader without adding more to your plate.

1. Pay attention to the sermon.

On Sunday morning you are able to hear a clearly communicated, Biblically exegeted, Christ exalting proclamation of the gospel.  This is a wonderful place not just to learn and grow in grace in your own understanding of the content of the gospel but also in how you apply and communicate the gospel.  When I listen to the sermon I am learning a myriad of things (if I’m paying attention). I’m learning to understand the Bible deeper, I’m learning how to apply the Scriptures correctly and I am learning how to communicate it as well. Our pastor, Andrew Conrad does a fantastic job at all of these. Therefore, we are not only fed spiritually but we are also learning how to feed others spiritually.

2.  Pay Attention to your Preparation.

Most teachers will tell you that they learn more than the people they are teaching because they have to prepare a lesson.  I know this is true for me. Taking care to learn the material in order to teach it to others forces us to know the material in a deeper way. We need to see preparation as a gift to learn and not just a burden we have to bear as a leader.

3.  Pay attention to Discussions.

If we listen well to others during our discussions with them then we can learn tons.  You are not the only one in the room with great insights and wisdom.  If you ask a question and all you hear are chirping sounds, then maybe you are learning that you need to ask better questions.  Paying attention to answers also reveals how well others are grasping the material.  Paying attention to these will help you become a more effective leader.

How about you? What is right in front of you that helps you learn to grow as a leader without adding anything to your plate?

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