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4 Ways to Motivate Yourself for Evangelism

1. Ponder your own testimony. 

Think about how you became a Christian and what God has done in your life since then.  I bet you’ve definitely seen the life transforming power of Christ move in ways you would never have imagined.  If God could do such amazing things in your life, don’t you think He could do the same in others?

2. Listen to other people’s testimonies. 

Hear how God brought people from death to life.  Listen to where they were in their thinking and worldview and how God changed their hearts towards Him.

3. Remind yourself of the people that led you to Christ.

Who were these people, what were they like, how did their life exhibit the love of the gospel to you?  Was what they did or said that difficult or outrageous?  Were you offended when they shared the gospel with you? Aren’t you glad they took the risk? Can’t you do this for someone else?

4. Pray. 

Pray that God would motivate you to share the gospel with your friends and family. Start praying for a few specific people that you tell the most amazing story to. Don’t you believe in the power of prayer? Don’t you know that God loves to hear your prayers and that He gets really excited to answer them?

All for Jesus,


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