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ANDREW: A String of Faith

Did you know there are 700 refugees from Nepal living in Richmond? I didn’t—until last week. At one meeting for church planting in Richmond I heard stories of faith about 3 Christian Nepalese families who started a church for Nepalese Hindu’s. Many come because they need each other. Likewise, churches have begun for Sudanese and Vietnamese. I also heard of a church being planted in Germany by one of the elders from Sycamore Presbyterian Church in Midlothian that helped plant our church.

In many ways this month has been a string of faith stories. I wish I could share them all with you, but since I cannot I will give you glimpses of the stories and I hope you can see the string of faith tying them together.

  • I went to a worship experience called The Awakening and heard of the faith of one teenager who went to jail for stealing but God changed his life. While in jail he began telling others about Jesus. They give him a hard time and he says, “Easy. It’s my first day on the job.”
  • I heard of the faith in both a father and a son as their relationship was strengthened by their mutual faith in God. Their relationship is better for it.
  • I heard a person in jail speak of the way the Psalms were helpful in strengthening his faith and how he found a prayer group in the jail.
  • I heard the elders pray for someone in the hospital whose faith is growing. 
  • I know a police officer who wants prayer for the faith to deal with a really violent crime that haunts his mind.
  • I heard desperation and fatigue in the voice of one going through a divorce, but also heard a deep abiding faith.
  • I saw the past few Sundays how God is growing Spring Run Presbyterian Church.

I hope you are encouraged, as I am, to see the string of faith that runs through these stories. There are many more stories of faith. I hope and pray that God gives you eyes to see the string of faith that God is weaving into the tapestry he is making. It is a tapestry that portrays  the church at Spring Run, in Richmond, and throughout the world. One day we will all get to see the finished tapestry in all its glory, and we will get to see the weaver of it—Jesus.

So, as we plan for a move to a new location let this string of faith remind us that moving does not cause growth but does allow for it. It is God who causes growth and uses his people to weave together a beautiful tapestry. Let’s follow Jesus together and see how where the string of faith goes next.

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