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ANDREW: Breaking News: We are moving…

December 9, 2010

Dear Spring Run Congregation,

We have some breaking news: we are moving our worship services to a different location. (I’ll pause while you read that again.) Yes, we are moving our church services to Swift Creek Middle School beginning February 13, 2011. This decision is the result of a lot of praying and planning by your elders, deacons, and ministry team leaders over the last year.

Why are we moving? Here are three of the most important reasons.

  1. The gospel. This breaking news about moving is linked to the good news of the gospel. Our vision is “to make growing followers of Jesus who influence others with the gospel for the good of individuals, families, our community, and the world.” We now have 317 regular attendees with an average Sunday attendance of 210. Plus we have 267 people involved in small groups at some level. We have been growing and want to continue reaching people with the gospel since we all need it (yes, all of us).
  2. Space. We are approaching the limits of space in the cafeteria at Spring Run Elementary School. It was decision time. Should we begin a second service at the same facility or move to a bigger facility and keep one service? Our preference was to keep one service and move to a bigger facility. However, over the last year this was not an option so we seriously prayed about having two services. We even planned for it with some ministry team leaders to see what it would take. It would take a whole lot of volunteers. Then Swift Creek Middle School which was previously unavailable became available. God works in his timing and we believe this is God’s leading.
  3. Missional flexibility. Staying at Spring Run Elementary School (with 2 services) could have used up all our current and new volunteer energy with basic Sunday morning functions. Moving to Swift Creek Middle School allows us to focus more volunteer energy on strengthening current ministries and starting new ministries. Since we want our focus to be on our mission and vision this is vitally important.

Moving to a new facility should cause us to pause, be thankful, and celebrate what God has done through this church at Spring Run Elementary School. At the same time, we know change is not easy. We will keep information flowing and have opportunities for you to ask questions as we move forward. We plan on having a meeting open to anyone interested on January 2nd during Faith & Life classes. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Swift Creek Middle School?

It is located at the intersection of Old Hundred Road and Brandermill Parkway. From Hull Street turn onto Old Hundred Road (enter Brandermill). Go about 1 ½ miles. It’s on the left.

Why are we moving?

God has put us here for a purpose: to make growing followers of Jesus who influence others. We will continue to focus our efforts on making growing followers of Jesus of people within our church and those not yet in our church. We want to always be outward facing, inviting and welcoming those who have not gone or are not going to church. We prefer to grow while keeping one worship service rather than holding two services. Moving now and growing is a step along the path of getting our own facility, and Swift Creek Middle School is big enough to accommodate us until we have our own facility.

Are we moving away from our target area?

No. We are not changing our target area for a permanent building (2 mile radius from Winterpock Road and Hull Street Road). Swift Creek Middle School is just outside that radius but there are a limited number of places to rent. For instance, the old Clover Hill High School is still not available and would cost 3 times what we now pay for rent. We need to grow to have greater resources to purchase a facility of our own.

How much will it cost?

The cost is already planned in our current budget. We planned for going to 2 services at Spring Run Elementary which would have increased our cost. We anticipate coming in under what we had budgeted for rent for the current fiscal year. 

Will our name change?

No. We are Spring Run Presbyterian Church.

What will it feel like?

It still feels like a school, but it is a middle school so it has less “kiddy” stuff in the classrooms. We will make the rooms safe, clean, and fun for kids of all ages.  It is also more spacious which should remind us that we need to invite more people to come.

Will it be easy?

Change is rarely easy, and that is a good thing because it requires us to pray dependently and urgently that God would grow our own faith and bring new people to church, especially those who do not already go to church.

How can I help?

Glad you asked. You have some great Ministry Team Leaders who are working on making the transition as smooth as possible. They will need your help. We will begin that phase of planning after Christmas break. Come to the meeting on January 2nd.

If you have any questions or concerns we want to hear them. If we are to be an authentic community then it requires us to be open and honest about such issues. Please contact me or one of the elders or deacons. Pray with us as we walk forward in faith and ask God to surprise us with opportunities to proclaim and embody the gospel in our community.

All for Jesus,

Andrew Conrad

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