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Falling off the Treadmill

The other day, my daughter Molly was showing me funny, but painful youtube videos of people falling off of treadmills. Ouch!!!

It made me think of our New Year’s Resolutions.  Have you already given up on your New Year’s resolutions? Have you fallen off???? the food wagon, the treadmill, have you already broken in that new credit card?  I am guessing that along with food, finances and fitness that you may have made some new resolutions in the area of your spiritual life. Maybe you resolved to read your Bible more, pray more, share your faith more, listen a little closer to the sermons, have regular family devotions?  But those resolutions were too difficult and you’ve already given up. Don’t give up, I think I can help.

I want to personally invite you to a Faith & Life class that starts this Sunday.  The title of the class is Dynamics of the Spiritual Life.  Our spiritual lives are complicated, and each person has their own struggles, desires, victories and failures. There really is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to our spiritual growth.  Our spiritual lives are dynamic, they change, they grow, they stall, they can be vibrant or dare I say, boring.  We will take a look at why our spiritual lives are so dynamic and how the Scriptures can help and direct us as we grow in Christ.

I would love to have an idea of how many people are coming so email me a quick response here:

I’m in! fletch@springrunpc.org

All for Jesus,

Brian Fletcher

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