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FLETCH: Book Review

I recently wrote a book review for NavPress.  It involves understanding the Tabernacle and its relation to our devotional life, something I’ve never thought of.  Great book.

Book Review:  Beauty in the Desert, by Eddie Broussard

Reviewed by: Brian Fletcher

I’ve read through Exodus several times and I have usually skimmed past the passages regarding the tabernacle.  I was never really sure why I needed to know all the details or what all the elements within the tabernacle represented.  In his book, Beauty in the Desert, Eddie Broussard, takes the reader on a historical journey back to the Israelite’s days of wandering in the desert.  Specifically, he reveals the meaning and purpose of the tabernacle and its relation to God’s people.  Broussard has written a well researched book that not only uncovers the historicity of the tabernacle but its application for believers today.

My normal modus operandi for devotions tends to go something like this…pray, read my Bible, write down some thoughts and applications, and close in prayer.  Beauty in the Desert gives the reader a different approach to their devotional life.  The meaning and purpose of the tabernacle and all its elements can be used devotionally to enter into a deeper relationship with God.  By way of example, Broussard takes a personal crisis to the Lord through a devotional model that goes through the tabernacle.  The reader begins to understand that God has provided a way for His people to communicate and connect with Himself.  One way to do that is by taking a close look at the tabernacle to see how God spiritually draws us to Himself by way of an earthly structure.

One of the dominant motif’s in the book is how Broussard connects the Old Testament, specifically the elements of the tabernacle, with the New Testament, specifically Jesus Christ.  Too often, believers do not see or understand how the two are connected.  As Augustine wrote, “The New Testament is in the Old concealed; the Old Testament is in the New revealed.”  Again, we are blessed by the research that Broussard has put into this book by understanding how the tabernacle points to the ministry of Jesus and how Jesus has fulfilled the meaning of the tabernacle.  Broussard also offers two helpful tables at the end of the book to help the reader understand the continuity and discontinuity of the two priesthoods.

Eddie Broussard has written a thoughtful, well researched book.  This book not only helps the reader understand the meaning and importance of the tabernacle to the Israelite community in Exodus but its importance for the believer today.

All for Jesus,


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