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FLETCH: Hit the Pause Button

“I’m so busy. Our family is so busy. We barely have time to eat dinner together.”  I think it’s the same for most families.  We do seem to get a lot of important things done when we are busy but busyness can unfortunately push the most important thing right out of our lives.  My life is no different.  All three kids and a wife going in a  thousand different directions.  I have people to meet with, studies to prepare, emails to respond to and the list goes on and on.

This morning I decided to hit the pause button.  I deliberately chose not to turn on my computer or look at my Blackberry for an hour.  I pulled out my journal and my Bible and just tried to fellowship with the Lord.  Some people may say, “Wait, you’re a pastor, don’t you do that every day?”  Unfortunately, I allow the busyness to keep playing, not hitting the pause button near enough.  But I was convicted this morning to hit the pause button and it was good.  I allowed myself to think and ponder about how much Christ loves me.  We all know that Christ loves us, but how often do we really pause and meditate and worship Christ for His love.  Christ’s love is vast and immeasurable, it is deeper than any ocean.  The phrase, “Christ died for me,” loses its impact if we choose not to pause and wonder and worship Christ for such a sacrifice.  So this is my brief encouragement for you today.  Find a quiet place, hit the pause button, open your Bible and journal and just be with Christ.  Dwell on his astonishing love for you.  Bathe in his unconditional mercy, thank Him for His sacrifice for you, enjoy His presence.  Allow Christ to replenish and restore your soul.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

All for Jesus,


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