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FLETCH: Raw Motives

“You are the righteous God, who searches my heart and secret thoughts.” Psalm 7:9

“What I do may seem right to me, but You, Lord, know what I am thinking.” Proverbs 21:2

Nothing is hidden from God about us.  He not only knows how many hairs are on your head, but he knows all of our thoughts.  We think we are “private” people, able to hide things from others.  But not from God.  God knows not only our actions, thoughts and words but He also knows the motives behind them all.  Imagine, God knows the raw motives behind everything we do or think.  We have no “private” thoughts before God.

Now, this can be scary or freeing, comforting or terrifying, depending on how we understand the gospel.  Remember, the gospel changes everything.  We have to constantly go to the gospel to enable us to interpret life, and this goes for the motives of our heart as well.

Let’s think about this in a practical way.  I am an over-sensitive people pleaser.  This means that I am constantly paranoid about what others think about me and what I do.  The actions that flow out of this “issue” in my life can create fear in relationships and cause me to act differently around different people.  This issue is a “heart” issue.  The motives of my heart are not always good and pure and right.  I can hide my motives from the people around me but not from God. 

So, what am I to do?  I have this internal struggle that battles between impure motives and actions.  Ahh, but I remember, “the gospel changes everything.”  I must run to the gospel!  But what will the gospel do for me in this situation?  The gospel says that God knows our motives.  The gospel says that it was ultimately the motives of our hearts that broke our relationship with God.  The gospel says that Jesus came to die for those sinful motives and bring us back into a right relationship with God. The gospel says that through Christ, God has forgiven me of my sinful heart motives.  The gospel says that God is working in my heart to change my motives.  The gospel wants to heal my over-sensitive people pleasing issue.  The gospel wants me to see that I am secure and unconditionally loved in Christ.  The gospel gives me the power to stop being so self-centered and concerned about my own well being and focus on glorifying God, who truly is the center of all things. The gospel says that yes, God knows my raw motives but that He has also redeemed those raw motives and will turn them into pure, God-glorifying motives.

My prayer is that you continue to delve into the deep, deep love of God that is shown to us in the gospel.  The gospel is not just to convert us, but to change us daily, from the inside out, from the heart to the hands, every moment of every day.

All for Jesus,


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