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FLETCH: The Gospel Changes…Marriage

Julie and I had the privilege of going to a marriage conference in Virginia Beach this past weekend.  It was great to get away, to spend some really focused time with each other, to learn some great Biblical truths about marriage and also to spend rich time processing what we were learning with Bill & Beth Detwiler and Steve & Alisa Adams.

“The gospel changes everything, even marriage.”  Ok, I know we say that all the time but it was good to hear it from ALL of the speakers at the conference.  One of the memorable quotes I came away with was:

“If you take a whale out of the ocean it dies because you take it out of its created environment.  If you take marriage out of the context of the gospel it dies because you take it out of its created environment.” 

Marriage belongs in the context of the gospel.  If we reduce marriage to communication skills, organizational skills, personality differences and how they can complement each other and fighting fairly we miss the whole point.
The point is that God created us male and female but with the intention that we would become one flesh, regardless of our skills, differences or commonalities.  God models relational unity in the Trinity and our marriage is supposed to mirror this unity. Of course the Trinity is holy and we are sinful, but that is how the gospel of grace brings the husband and wife together through our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Husband and wife are two sinful human beings brought together to become one through the reconciliation of Jesus who heals our brokenness, forgives our sinfulness and unites us together to display the glory of God.
Yes, your marriage can and is a picture of the gospel.  The world around us watches and looks to see how we will apply the gospel to our marriage.  Your children watch you, your neighbors watch you, your co-workers watch you and they all listen to see if this craziness we call a relationship with Jesus is for real in our lives. 

No one has a perfect marriage, Julie and I included.  But thanks be to God that we can trust in Jesus to bring us together, to hold us together and hopefully display His glorious grace as we fail and falter but run to Him to make us whole again.

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