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Keeping Secrets and Incomplete Joy

It is really hard to keep a secret. I mean, if you know something that most other people don’t know, then you have this urge to tell someone what you know. It’s impossible to keep a juicy secret to yourself.secrets cartoon

In 1 John 1:1-4, we hear the apostle John explain that he can’t keep secret what he has seen, heard and touched, which is Jesus, God in the flesh. John has had some unbelievable experiences while following Jesus and his life has been completely transformed. But there is still one thing missing. John does not feel that his joy is complete. In order to complete the joy he has found in Jesus, he feels he has to tell others about Jesus.

Too often we believe that our joy is complete in Christ, in our faith in him and in the everlasting life he has given us. However, the gospel of Jesus is not just about our own personal salvation, its way more than that. Jesus wants us to not only experience Him and His presence in our lives but He wants us to tell others about Him. Jesus wants us to testify to other people, who do not know about Him, so that they too can hear this good news.

Have you ever thought of your incomplete joy in this way? You may not be experiencing the joy that you thought you would be experiencing as a believer. One reason might be because you are not testifying and telling others about Jesus. Your joy in Christ will never be complete if you just keep you faith to yourself.

It doesn’t take much to talk conversationally about your faith in Christ. After all, you believe He is the giver and sustainer of life, you believe that your life is what it is because of what Christ has done in and through you. Why not let other people know what the most important thing in your life actually is. Your friends probably already know what your favorite sports team is or your favorite restaurant or your favorite vacation destination. But what about your favorite person, who has radically transformed your life and is impacting it on a daily basis to give you hope and meaning and purpose?

All for Jesus,


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