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The BEST Way to Get More People into Your Community Group or Bible Study

Personally invite them.

Nothing, and I mean nothing means more to someone than a personal invitation.  Here are four ways you can do this in order of priority:

1. Pray

Even if you just met them moments ago at church and you would love for them to come over that night to your group.  Pray and ask God to give you the courage, spontaneity and words to ask.

2. Face to face

When you speak to someone face to face you can communicate with greater clarity your desire for them to come to your group.  You get to express your enthusiasm and sincerity much better in person.

3. Phone call

If you are following up with someone and cannot see them face to face then a phone call is next on the list.  Your voice can express your hope for them to come and check out your group.  This dinosaur of communication still works and I believe better than option #4.

4. Email

So you missed them at church, you don’t have their phone number but you have an email address.  You really would like this family to be your guest, so send them an email.  However, put as much of a personal touch into it as possible.  Use their first names, ask how their kids are doing (by name), etc.  Give them the information they need like time, place, what to bring in the email so they know what to expect.

Everyone needs to be in a small group.  You get the privilege of being used by God to get them there.  Don’t give up and keep loving your friends with the gospel.

Let me know your thoughts.

All for Jesus,


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