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Become a Member

Why become a member of the church?

1) Membership is a public promise before the world that you identify yourself with Jesus Christ and his Church. While faith in Jesus is personal it was never meant to be private. You are connected to other followers of Jesus and you are committing to helping each other in the journey of following Jesus.

2) Members have the benefit of shaping the ministry of the congregation. While non-members can still participate and volunteer in ministries, team leaders and teachers need to be members. Member also have voting rights within the government of the church to nominate and elect pastors, elders, and deacons.

3) Remember, concerning the benefits of church membership, while it is somewhat normal, in a culture of consumerism, to ask the question, “what’s in it for me,” we believe that the decisions we make with our time and resources should primarily be made in order to serve others, and not to serve ourselves. We take seriously that we are a church not for ourselves, but for others. A mature question to ask is, “How will my involvement as a member here best serve SRPC and its surrounding community?”

How do I become a member?

Attend an Explorer's Class. These are 3-week classes offered a few times a year. This will introduce you to church membership and walk you through the process of becoming a member. Contact the office to join the next class or to get more information on membership.