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The COVID-19 pandemic has made our observance of communion feel very different. Many of you have not received communion in months, or even a year or more. The Sacrament of Communion is important as a visible representation and re-enactment of Christ's sacrifice for us. It is a communal sacrament to be taken together as the church gathered. It is important that you prepare yourself to take communion by repenting of your own sin, relying on Christ alone for salvation, being baptized, and professing your faith before a gospel believing church. In communion, we receive his grace for our sins and for the empowerment to walk in obedience with him. 

We observe communion on the first Sunday of each month. Here is how you will receive the elements of communion during COVID-19.  

  1. The elements will be brought to you by an officer or usher (wearing gloves and a mask). 
  2. If you are ready to partake then simply hold out your hand and they will place it on your hand. 
  3. You will have to peel back the first cellophane layer to get to a wafer, and then peel a second foil layer to drink the juice.  
  4. Wait until all have been served and you are instructed to take the elements together.
  5. Please put your used cups in the trash cans at the back of the sanctuary as you exit.

The elders still believe scripture teaches we should normally be present in person with the gathered church in order to receive communion administered by a Pastor. Here are the ways you can receive communion. 

  1. Be present in the sanctuary for the in-person service, or at the outdoor service in the parking lot.
  2. If you are unable to come to the church for medical reasons during COVID19 then please contact your shepherding elder or a pastor and let them know. In such circumstances we are able to come to you, read scripture, pray and administer the sacrament with you. 

We hope this helps you be able to participate in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper with us, and we thank you for your understanding and desire to participate with the body of Christ.