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Get Involved

We are excited to get you involved in Spring Run Presbyterian Church! In order for us to accomplish our vision to make growing followers of Christ who influence individuals, families, our community and the world, we have created three environments for you to get into.

Sunday Morning

Gathering together for worship displays our unity and diversity. We strive to be authentic and relevant, but we do not pretend to have it all together or feel the need to put on a show. Rather we bring our burdens to God and expect to find rest in him. So whether you are skeptical or seeking, curious or convinced we invite you to join us.  Our Sunday School is a fun time for teaching kids to understand the gospel and live for Jesus. Our Adult Faith & Life classes are designed to deepen faith and address practical life issues.

Small Groups

Our main forum for small groups is a Community Group which is a gathering of 8 to 15 people (often including their kids) meeting in homes throughout our community at various times during the week. Other small groups include Men’s and Women’s Groups. We think it is in the context of an authentic community that people come to better know God and experience his presence, deep friendships are fostered, and people are cared for and encouraged to follow God and influence others. This is an environment where people who are not ‘churchy’ often find their way into our church.


Part of being the church is serving others in love. We think this is important as it counters the dominant cultural mindset (“me first” and consumerism). It is the call Jesus gave us to “take up our cross daily and follow” him. We don’t want you to serve blindly, but to serve using your gifts and talents from God. However, we often discover what these talents are as we serve through various opportunities. Please volunteer for one of the ministry teams in our church.