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We view our role as one of supplementing the work of the family not supplanting it. It is our desire to help you with your children as we teach them the Bible and how it relates to life today. The teachers at Spring Run Presbyterian Church are committed to helping your child learn in a fun and organized environment, and we expect (and hope!) that your children will be excited about coming to our kid's programs.

For us to accomplish our mission and vision we do three main things with children’s ministry: 1) Equip parents 2) Children’s Worship 3) Children’s Sunday School.

Equip Parents

With the tools to disciple and nurture their children.  This takes place in different areas. Most parents will be actively involved in the ministry of Spring Run; Sunday morning worship, F&L Classes; Community Groups, Men’s or Women’s Bible studies, etc. By having the parents involved in these and other areas they will begin to grow as a disciple themselves, and in turn, they will be equipped to disciple their children.

We will offer periodic classes, small groups, and even parent-specific seminars to get specific information regarding raising your children. We will also do our best to pass along any parenting-related resources that we feel would be helpful; book recommendations, articles, etc.

Children’s Worship

Our Children's Worship prepares children to be in the worship service with their parents.  When children reach the age of 3 years old they may go to Children’s Worship during the service. We feel that Children’s Worship is an extension of worship. It is an opportunity for young children to hear an age-appropriate Christ-centered message while remaining in a reverent/worshipful manner. Lessons focus on aspects of worship (prayer, tithing, Scripture, sacraments, etc). We are also committed to a multifaceted approach of equipping parents so they can coach and assist the children during congregational worship. Ultimately, we desire for children to be excited about worship and want to join their parents for worship as they grow of an age beyond 2nd grade.

Sunday School

Sunday School creates an environment where children can understand the gospel and learn how to apply it to their lives.  We strive to equip our Sunday School teachers in three ways: 1) By encouraging them in the gospel and making sure their teaching is saturated in every way by the good news of Jesus Christ. 2) By giving them access to excellent resources and curriculum. 3) By providing them with support and encouragement in their daily lives.

Sunday School seeks to provide Bible knowledge, gospel understanding, and life transformation.

Our curriculum for Kids Sunday school comes from Great Commission Publications. GCP’s Christ-centered, Show Me Jesus curriculum is doctrinally sound, spiritually nourishing, interactive, and easy to use. The curriculum teaches the entire Bible . . . from Genesis to Revelation. Both teacher and student grow—not just in knowledge—but also in their readiness to live out their faith in God’s world.  

Infants and Toddlers

Our nursery is a clean and safe environment for children ages infant to 3 years old. Two nurseries are provided during worship. Newborns to walkers and walkers to 3 years.

Children are lovingly cared for during this time. We have set up a number system so that you can quickly be reached if your child needs you. We also have a room for nursing moms and sleeping babies. We do background checks on all our volunteers working with children.

Read more about our Nursery.