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Our nursery offers a clean and safe environment for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years old. Our goal is for parents to feel confident in the child care provided so that they will be able to engage and enjoy the worship service.

We offer three age-graded environments on Sunday mornings. Infants to one-year-old, one-year-old to two years old, and a two and three-year-old classroom. The Two and Three-year-old Classroom provides time for free play but also centers around an age-appropriate Gospel-centered lesson that includes a bible story, songs, and activities. 

What if I’m a first-time visitor?

When you arrive one of our greeters will get you set up in our check-in system. For safety and security purposes, we'll get your name and your child’s name, date of birth/grade, a phone number, and check for allergies. Your child will receive a name tag with a security code and you will get a matching security label to present at pick-up.

How do I check in my child?

After your first visit, you can check in your child at our self-check-in cart located near the patio entrance, lobby or a volunteer will be available to check in your child when you enter the nursery.

Please be sure to notify the nursery volunteers about allergies, potty training, soothing techniques for infants, or any other specific requests or concerns. Be sure to label any extra belongings – sippy cups or bottles, etc. We ask that children not bring toys from home, but if it is necessary to bring a transitional object, be sure that it is clearly labeled as well.

What ages are the children in the nursery?

Children ages 6 weeks to age 3 are welcome to use the nursery. 

Is there a way for me to be contacted during the service if my child needs me?

If you are needed during the service (because your child is hurt, inconsolably fussy for more than 10 minutes, appears ill, etc), we will text you with the number provided at check-in. Please ensure your contact information is up to date and that you keep your phone with you during service.

What will my child be doing?

Your child will have an opportunity to hear about God’s love for them, listen to Bible
stories and songs. Each child will be prayed for. There will also be ample time
for free play with age-appropriate toys.

What if I need to nurse my child?

We have a room for nursing moms across the hall from the nursery. There is a glider, a tv streaming worship service, counter space to change your baby, and a sink.

What about sick children?

We try to keep our nursery as healthy as possible. We ask that children with a fever, gastrointestinal distress in the last 24 hours, or if they have a thick, colored nasal discharge, not be placed in the nursery. Children who are too sick for the nursery, but well enough to be at church, are welcome in the worship service.

Will my child get a snack?

The nursery will not provide snacks, but families may pack a snack for their child(ren). It is the parent’s responsibility to notify volunteers of any allergies. We have a nut-free policy.

Who is watching my kids?

We believe that the church is a family and that we all have a responsibility for caring for and nurturing our children. Church members and regular attendees of at least 3 months serve in our nursery following a cleared background check. Older children, ages 10 and up, may also serve alongside their parents if they wish to do so. All nursery workers complete a background check before serving. 

Is the nursery clean?

High-touch surfaces and toys are disinfected each week. Workers wash hands upon arrival and after all diaper changes or toileting. There are sinks, diaper changing stations, and restrooms conveniently located in and near the nursery.

Is the nursery safe?

Background checks are required on anyone serving in the nursery over 18 years of age. We require volunteers to be members of the church or regular attendees for at least three months. We have a secure electronic check-in system to ensure your child’s safety. We know that you will not be able to fully worship unless you are confident your child is safe. We do everything possible to make that happen.

Nursery Wellness Policy

Please take care that your child does not have any of the following symptoms:
• A fever of 100 or higher in the last 24 hours
• A runny nose
• Eye drainage
• Coughing
• Diarrhea
• Questionable rash
• Vomiting in the last 24 hours
• Head lice
• Started antibiotics in the last 24 hours
• If you are unsure and think your child may be coming down with
something, please do not risk the health of the other children.

If your child has a continually runny nose or rash due to non-contagious allergies or teething, please let us know. We realize that some symptoms hang on long after the child is no longer contagious. Children who are too sick for the nursery, but well enough to be at church, are welcome in the worship service. Please help us keep our nursery healthy.