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Beginning June 7, 2020, we anticipate being open each week for worship, Sundays at 10 am.   Please check the registration page to register for worship, and to be notified of changes. 

We will have one service at 10 am. We will continue to live stream for those choosing to worship at home. The information on this page will prepare you for what to expect and the current plans approved by our session in accordance with Governor Northam's "Forward Virginia" plans.

We insist that you not attend if you are sick, if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, have a temperature above normal, or if you have been with people who are sick with the virus. You should already know the symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell. Again, if you have these symptoms, please stay home and watch the live stream.
Here is what you can expect:

  • There will be NO Nursery, Children’s Worship, or Sunday School until further notice. However, we will have part of the service address the children though they will remain in their seats.
  • You will need to register for the church service here. This is necessary right now as we cannot accommodate everyone at once. At this time, please only sign up for one service to allow the opportunity for others to attend as well.
  • In accordance with the governor’s mandate, masks are required. Please bring your own, but if you don’t have one then we will provide one for you. 
  • You will Check-in at the Registration Tent (weather permitting). Please arrive a few minutes early to check-in and allow us to seat you.
  • You will ENTER the building through the patio doors and EXIT the building through the glass doors outside the sanctuary.
  • We have removed half the seating in the sanctuary to abide by the social distance requirements. Your family may sit together. If another family sits on the same row as you there needs to be 3 chairs between you to maintain social distancing. Please be patient and helpful as you are seated.
  • We will be adding additional Communion services during the COVID Phased re-opening plan to accommodate the fact that everyone will not be able to attend worship service in person every week. There will be self-contained Communion elements on your chair. We will give you instructions on Communion during the service.
  • Offering baskets will be located at the back of the sanctuary. Your offering can be dropped in the basket once exiting the sanctuary.
  • Once the service is over, you will be dismissed by an usher and exit through the glass doors outside the sanctuary.

As you are aware, things are quickly changing. As it stands now this is our Phase 1 plan. Our plan is designed to work with the changing government requirements throughout each phase.



Why are we waiting until June 7 to reopen when it was allowed since May 17?

  • Final clarification came from the governor on May 15th, which wasn’t time for us on 17th.
  • Our elders approved major changes in our worship and needed to weigh in on the recommendation of our planning team. They met on May 21 to approve our plan.
  • We have to implement that plan. We had already ordered cleaning supplies and sanitizer and communion supplies in preparation so we could be ready.
  • We also had to make a major technological shift so we could have both in-person and live streaming services at the same time. We are implementing those changes the week of May 25th.
  • So our options were really May 31 or June 7. We were aiming for May 31st, but a couple of factors pushed us to June 7th. We need to recruit some volunteers to help usher and check people into the building and get people seated. So far, we have very few people who are ready to come back and help in that way. Secondly, Pastors Andrew Conrad and Brian Fletcher are on vacation the week of May 25.

How are you accommodating the people who are unchurched and may show up to worship for the first time? You certainly aren't turning them away, are you?

  • We are requiring registration so that we can abide by the law of 50% capacity. We will cap registration a little below that to allow for visitors and walk-ins.
  • Anyone can register-member, regular attender, visitor. There is no priority given except to those who sign up first.

Why not offer 2 services?

  • The mandate is to provide a deep and thorough cleaning before and after services. We would need volunteers to help. Or it would require the staff doing it and would take a long time between services to do that. We may get to that point, but we don’t think that is necessary in phase one based on the survey responses we received from you. Only about 40% plan to come back in phase 1. So we think we can accommodate everyone.

What if the registration is full?

  • Set up a lawn chair or sit in your car and watch the live stream on your phone.
  • Then see everyone as they exit the building after the service and say hello.
    Contact Martha to be registered for the following week and given priority.

How will we keep social distancing?

  • Let’s call it physical distancing. Socially we want to be together.
  • We have removed half the chairs so rows are 6’ apart.
  • We will also have designated markers blocking off 3 chairs to create 6’ between families.

Will I have to wear a mask?

  • Yes, per the governor’s mandate on Tuesday, May 26. We have some at the building and can provide one for you if you do not have one. Additionally, we have church members that are willing to make masks for you. Please contact the church office if you are in need of one.

Will Spring Run continue to live stream the service?

  • Yes. We will continue to live stream the service on our YouTube channel.