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Spring Run Student Ministries seeks to develop Gospel-centered High School and Middle School students who are fully alive because of the death and resurrection of Jesus. We seek to accomplish this by creating opportunities for students to 1) have a serious, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, 2) be members of healthy Christian communities, and 3) live out a vision of the Kingdom of God (Matt. 22:36-40). This is accomplished in some of the programs and events listed below.

Youth Group

Youth Group is the main gathering point for Middle and High school students to worship God through games, teaching, music, and small groups. Youth Group is a place for students to learn how the Gospel makes a practical difference in their life. This happens within a community of other Christians. A major portion of our Youth Group gathering is centered around intentional small group time where students and leaders discuss God’s Word, pray together, and open up about life. This is the main hub of student ministries and it meets during the school year on Sunday nights from 4:00 – 6:00 PM (with a few exceptions, please check the calendar here).

Sunday School

Our student Sunday School classes seek to develop Middle and High School students with a robust understanding of what it means to be a Christian and how to grow deeper in Christ. Our goal is to teach students how to study the Bible, understand Christian theology, and communicate their faith effectively to other believers and non-believers. Sunday School is intended to be an interactive teaching environment rather than a lecture.

Youth Sunday School classes consistently cycle through the Old Testament, New Testament, and topical/systematic studies. 

Our classes are divided into a Middle School girl’s class (meets in balcony room 201), a Middle School boy’s class (meets in room 102), and a combined boys and girls High School class (meets in balcony room 202). These classes meet from 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM on Sundays directly after the worship service.


Throughout the year, our Middle School and High School groups will go on weekend retreats. These retreats allow students to get away from the normal pressures of life and school, form deep, lasting relationships with other students, and worship God by spending time in prayer and the Word. This is accompanied by a massive dose of crazy fun. Please check our calendar to find out when the next retreat will be (please check the registrations page here)

Special Events & Trips

Roughly once a month, we will schedule special events such as Christmas parties, laser tag, hikes, camping trips, lock-ins, service days, mission trips, and more. Some events are designed to be fun, bonding, or inviting to outsiders while others are designed as opportunities for students to exercise and grow their faith. Please check our calendar to find out when the next event will be (please check the registrations page here)

If you have any questions about student ministries, please contact Jake Ruefer at jake@springrunpc.org

Students and parents are welcome to follow srpc_students on Instagram here. You can also follow our student Facebook page here