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Spring Run Presbyterian Church desires to be a body of believers that both participate in missions and supports them with finances and prayer. A goal of this committee is to spur our congregation toward greater involvement in and awareness of their role in missions. We seek to provide support to ministries and missionaries that are consistent with SRPC’s overall vision, which includes church planting as a priority. Also we seek to prioritize the “10/40 window”, to maximize exposure to unreached people groups. As a part of that, we want to be open to efforts to reach cultural backgrounds not currently supported by SRPC. Email our Missions Committee at: missions@springrunpc.org

Global Missions

Equipping Leaders International (Africa & Asia)
Equipping Leaders International. ELI serves strategic Christian leaders and their spouses inside and outside the institutional church primarily in the majority world (Africa, etc.) to equip and empower them to reproduce a growing number of leaders of reformation movements in their nations that impact the whole of life, e.g. family, church, education, workplace, etc. The president is Don Mountan, father of Mark Mountan. www.equippingleadersinternational.org

International Partnerships – Church Planting in the former Soviet Union
IP is focused on reaching their countrymen for Christ and planting churches. They use English classes (taught by Americans on short-term missions trips) to attract university-educated people into Bible discussion. www.IPUkraine.org and http://srpcukraine.blogspot.com/

Serge- London Church Planting
Spring Run has partnered with the Serge Harrow team since summer 2000 and continues to send short-term mission teams bi-annually.

Amjad- London Ministry to Muslims
Amjad and his wife Sarah, along with their 4 children, work in a London suburb, doing church planting ministry among Muslims. Their team is small and relationship-based but they have recently expressed interest in bringing in short term teams for contact work.

Bible Institute of South Africa
Since 2011 Tim and Therese have been ministering in South Africa, where Tim currently serves as the Cape Town team leader. Their primary ministry focus is theological education and mentoring, with a particular emphasis on further equipping pastor’s actively serving churches in the economically-challenged townships.

Presbyterian Mission International- Paul Billy and Shirley Arnold/ Southern India
Paul Billy graduated Covenant Seminary in 1993 and returned to India to pioneer the reformed church planting ministry in Southern India. Paul Billy and his father teach pastors and evangelists who have no formal theological training. www.pmiweb.org/pba.php

Serge- Southern Spain
The Serge team in Southern Spain is focused on reaching out to immigrants and university students with the gospel of God's grace. Andrew May from SRPC is serving 18 months there as an apprentice missionary. https://serge.org/ 

Local Missions

Young Life (non-denominational ministry to middle and high school students)
Young Life thinks the world of kids. We believe that they deserve to know what life can hold for them. Young Life leaders are caring adults who come sharing that hope as well as fun and lasting friendships with kids. Young Life is also all about fun. From club and camp to Campaigners and other activities, teenagers will have a blast laughing, trying new things and being with their friends. Matt Bouknight is the Area Director for Young Life in Chesterfield. Jonathan Bowman is the Director for Amelia. www.chesterfield.younglife.org

Strategies to Elevate People (STEP)
STEP is a Christian non-profit dedicated to mobilizing the suburban church to action in the lives of their urban neighbors. STEP serves residents living in the Gilpin Court housing projects and the surrounding area. STEP focuses on the root causes of poverty within the target area. Education, employment and Christian discipleship remain the focus. www.steprichmond.org/about

REAL Life Community Center
Our mission is to assist individuals who have been impacted by incarceration, or homelessness, or addiction. Our vision is to walk alongside our clients to see them grow into a prosperous and thriving life. Family, faith, and employment are key areas of focus. SRPC actively participates in Jobs for Life (a Bible-based job training and mentoring program) at the RLCC. www.reallifeprogram.org/mission/

Hispanic Church Planting in the James River Presbytery, Frank Matthews
Frank Matthews leads Virginia's efforts in identifying, mentoring, teaching and training future pastors and leaders for Hispanic Ministries. He also assists existing churches to develop ministries to Hispanics in Richmond, VA.

Central VA Unit 13 (Pocahontas) Prison Ministry
The women’s prison ministry at Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13 was started in 2007 by Betty Hammond of SRPC and Beth Sheffield of Sycamore Presbyterian. It seeks to evangelize and disciple women, under the guidance of Prison Fellowship Ministry through weekly bible studies and special evangelistic events. As a result, many have seen their faith renewed and encouraged, and several women have converted and been baptized in prison. 


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